East Side Culture Crawl 2016

See our 360 degree photos of East Side Culture Crawl from this year.

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Rove Art Walk on Mt. Pleasant Sept. 30

Kafka’s Coffee

Gene Studios

Hot Art Wet City

Tonight’s Dinner Feature, Friday May 17th 2013

Spot Prawns in White Wine Sauce. We always serve spot prawns when they are in season in May.


Sex Is Funny Show at Little Mountain Gallery


Friday Night at:Cottage Bistro, Cobalt, Biltmore and JiZ

Gropps Gallery Open House

Have you ever walked by Gropps Gallery, the old house/artist coop on 144 E. 6th Ave and wondered what it looks like inside? Check it out here.

Bird On A Wire New Product Showing

Favorite art store on Main, Bird On A Wire opened late tonight with tasty treats and showed off new artist products.


Fab Fair At Heritage Hall

There are always little fairs and markets on weekends at the Heritage Hall. This weekend June 2nd and 3rd was the Fab Fair. A jewelry and fashion accessories fair with products from local designers now in it’s sixth year. All sorts of colourful jewelry, handbags, earrings, scarfs and other accoutrements were on display. Everything seemed very reasonably priced as well. It’s like your local Etsy right here at the Heritage Hall.

Oddly, some of the participants were reluctant to have their wares photographed but here are some merchants that allowed photos.

You can contact the Fab Fair at: fabfair@hotmail.com Their web site fabfair.ca seems down at the moment.

Many sellers do not have web sites but the retailers from beginning to end in the gallery below are:

Feltzy Flowers

Earthgirl Organic Soaps


Elementaljourney.com Silver and Stones

Euro Designs (Scarfs and Tapestry Bags) Maria Carinha, mcari@telus.net

Feather Earrings from www.nateahstudios.com

Lanabetty.com Affordable, vintage-inspired fanciful earrings.


fab fair heritage hall


Art Show and Eating For Education Last Night at The Locus

Two things were going on at the Locus the night of May 2nd. The annual Eat for Education event supports Main St. schools with supporting local restaurants donating a portion of their day’s receipts to the charity. See the Eat For Education official site here.

eat for education main street

Also on tonight was the monthly new art show, where at the beginning of every month a new local artist gets to show off their work on the walls.

This month are artists Paul Curran and Orin Camus-Goldfarb’s paintings. Check it out below.