Shea Hogan from the Shameful Tiki launched his new drink on Monday!

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converge on main vancouverJuly 19th was Converge On Main, a late night shopping event showcasing 30 of the best and most interesting shops and restaurants along Main Street. Shops and restaurants offer big discounts to entice visitors to check out all the food and merchandise Main St. has to  offer.
Below are the shops involved and discounts.


Arts Off Main
10% off entire store

Baker’s Dozen
20% off entire store

Barefoot Contessa
25% off entire store

25% off S/S fashion, 20% off S/S consignment, clearance rack

Bottoms Up
30% off reg. priced clothing and footwear

C’est La Vie
10% off purchases under $30, 20% off purchases over $30

Devil may Wear
20% entire store

The Hatch
15% off the entire store

Up to 70% off entore store

Helen’s Grill
15% off entire menu

Lip Lounge
20% off entire store

15% off all appies, beer and wine

Lüt Boutique
30% off clothing

20% off entire store

30% off entire store

Shine Jewels
50% off all jewels

Slickity Jim’s
15% off menu all evening
Staying open until midnight for the after party with live music!

Soap Dispensary
40% off in-house brand refills, 15% off all other refills

Sonja Picard
20% off entire store

40% off We3 Designs 25% off rest of the shop (not including toms)

Two of Hearts
25% off regular merchandise, 10% off sale prices

Vancouver Special
30% off all books.

Much and Little by 10th and Main is a cozy little shop specializing in unique household items that is not easily found anywhere else. It’s the perfect place to find gifts for friends and family. It was a pleasure to photograph the delightful items in the store.


main street drink specials

A work in progress.

Habit Lounge

Daily Beer Features
Monday:Main St. Pilsner
Tuesday:Russell Blood Alley Bitter
Wednesday:Guest Tap
Thursday:Russell Blood Alley Bitter
Friday:Main St. Pilsner
Saturday:Guest Tap
Sunday:Main St. Pilsner

$5.50 20oz pint/$15 jug

A lot of stuff going on at The Reef on Main in June. Let’s see…

  • Euro 2012 starts in 2 days; the finals are going to be shown on a huge screen in the back wall
  • new June menu, check out the blue sheet
  • new lawn chairs in the patio, that’s Simon opening up the stash
  • new art; artist Chris Francis has some temporary work on the walls of the Reef but they will be replaced with his commission work exclusively for the Reef!
  • try the Enchilado, a Cuban seafood stew in the June dinner menu (it’s the pic below)
  • new DJ’s on weekends too


I already covered the Portland Craft opening during Vancouver Craft Beer Week. The place was packed with lineups out the door for opening day. Due to other obligations I never got the chance to try the food. This is my first visit after the initial first day craziness.

Dinner consisted of Rainbow Trout Tartare and the Pig and Pots braised pork belly. Sometimes the simplest things are the best as the orange zest really made the tartare dish. I found myself picking the zest spread out as garnish and dropping it on the tartare.

The standout of the two would be the pork belly. The jus was excellent, as were the  roasted shallots and the baby potatoes that came with it. Good deal at $8.

Being the glutton that I am, I had to order something else to fill out that little bit of emptiness in my stomach. Hey, how about a pizza? Oy, that turned out to be just too much food. The pizzas change daily with a meat and a veg option. Today was capicolli and onion.

Beers tried. Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale and the Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA. There are no bad beers on the list that I can tell.

I’m still trying to find a gallery for this site that works the way I want. In the meantime, click this link for a large image of the full Portland Craft beer selection. This is the first time that the full beer list is published anywhere. There is no beer or wine list on their site yet.


Get awesome fresh coffee, bread and pastries at Trafiq.

trafiq on main street


french table restaurant main st vancouver

I had been meaning to try the Toulouse sausage with warm potato salad when I first noticed them on my menu. Well, I wasn’t disappointed, the sausages were decent sized and quite lean, the potatoes were perfectly warm with a tangy mustard, taragon and shallot dressing. I liked the shallots being raw for that extra sharpness. You can order the sausages as an appetizer or lunch size.

The daily soup was a creamy tomato and eggplant soup. While the soup was delicious, the tiny crustini and eggplant with cheese centerpiece was the standout.

Check out more from their menu at The French Table website.

french table main street vancouver

french table restaurant main street vancouver


The French Table on Urbanspoon


Vancouver needs more of these. One night pop up restaurant at Gene Cafe from 8pm to 11pm. Pulled pork soft tacos, punch and delicious vanilla ice cream sandwich for about $11. The place was busy all night and sold out around 10pm.

One of the hippest spots on Main St., the Rumpus Room has plenty of board games to entertain you but it seems Jenga has hit the number 1 spot for popularity. Friday night saw 6 Jenga games on the coffee table. Perfect with beers or the Rumpus’ excellent pepperoni stick Caesars or 70’s diner food redone with organic ingredients.

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver

rumpus room main street vancouver