main street dinner special

The Reef has a monthly dinner special where you can get a great deal on a 3 course dinner. Bookmark this page to see their monthly deals.

main street food deals

The Reef has got a $15 gift basket of their hot sauce and jerk marinade available at all their stores. Pre packaged and ready for gifting.

You can also buy the sauce or marinade individually for stocking stuffers too. Only $7/bottle or jar. If you order 4 or more on the 15th they’ll throw in free shipping to BC and Alberta!

Order yours at the restaurants or online.
Questions? Contact Liz

The Reef Caribbean restaurants have new menu and drink specials every month!
Check back for the rest of their September features.

Jerk Balls
Three yardie style, local ground beef balls on grilled, tamarind glazed pineapple. Ask for jerk sauce on the side for extra flavour!

A lot of stuff going on at The Reef on Main in June. Let’s see…

  • Euro 2012 starts in 2 days; the finals are going to be shown on a huge screen in the back wall
  • new June menu, check out the blue sheet
  • new lawn chairs in the patio, that’s Simon opening up the stash
  • new art; artist Chris Francis has some temporary work on the walls of the Reef but they will be replaced with his commission work exclusively for the Reef!
  • try the Enchilado, a Cuban seafood stew in the June dinner menu (it’s the pic below)
  • new DJ’s on weekends too