Main Street Farmer’s Market Today

This season’s farmer’s market on Main St. started today! From June 6th till October 3, 2012. The hours are 3pm till 7pm each week. but try to get there as early as you can. All the best stuff go first.

It is located in front of the Pacific Train station at Thornton Park, half a block from the Skytrain station.

I ran into a fellow Wisemonkey chow downer selling his artisinal baked goods.

You can find out more about other local Vancouver Farmer’s markets at their official site.

Surprisingly quite a few have no online presence, I’ve tried to include their domains in the shots but here’s a somewhat incomplete list. (salsas, hot sauces) (handmade chocolates from the bean onwards) (bakery specializing in pies, bagels, pastries and jams)  (home made jams) (new French bakery off Kingsway, macaroons, madeleines, croissants) (honey) (home made soaps and bodycare products) (all sorts of chai) (Vancouver Island artisinal cheeses, excellent stuff)