El Camino’s On Main, First Visit

El Camino’s is the new place that has taken over from what was once Latitude. I’ve been dying to check them out since the changeover. El Camino now has a much more focused menu base around Latin American street food with most items under $10. Empanadas, tacos, bocadillos (Mexican subs), arepas and salad bowls.

I’ve always been a fan of the old Latitude’s arepas, crispy white corn pockets with meat or shrimp stuffing. The ones at El Camino are just as good and seem a little bigger even. Tacos are 2 for $5 on Tuesdays so I had the fish tacos (Baha cod), a gambas arepa and the carne guisada arepa. The fish tacos were crispy and not overcooked and I really liked the pickled slaw on top.

The arepas were well stuffed and having confessed to being a fan I could eat these all day long. I recommend ordering 2 orders of tacos or arepas for a filling meal, 1 order is good as an appy or snack.

I had the Main St. Pilsner as it’s the only one on tap, the rest are a mix of mostly Latin American bottles. The mini bowl of free popcorn was a nice touch. The wine list is impressive for a place that serves essentially high end street food but perhaps that experience comes from their sibling at the Cascade. El Camino is owned by the people in charge of the Cascade Room, Habit and the Union. It’s like a mini Donnelly Group on Main St. 🙂

As with so other restaurants’ web sites I wish they would stop putting pdf’s of their menus online and use an actual smartphone compatible web page instead. Downloading PDF s are so 2000.

I’ll definitely go back to El Camino’s and try their epinadas and bocadillos and sample some of the wines.