Portland Craft, First Visit

I already covered the Portland Craft opening during Vancouver Craft Beer Week. The place was packed with lineups out the door for opening day. Due to other obligations I never got the chance to try the food. This is my first visit after the initial first day craziness.

Dinner consisted of Rainbow Trout Tartare and the Pig and Pots braised pork belly. Sometimes the simplest things are the best as the orange zest really made the tartare dish. I found myself picking the zest spread out as garnish and dropping it on the tartare.

The standout of the two would be the pork belly. The jus was excellent, as were the  roasted shallots and the baby potatoes that came with it. Good deal at $8.

Being the glutton that I am, I had to order something else to fill out that little bit of emptiness in my stomach. Hey, how about a pizza? Oy, that turned out to be just too much food. The pizzas change daily with a meat and a veg option. Today was capicolli and onion.

Beers tried. Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale and the Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA. There are no bad beers on the list that I can tell.

I’m still trying to find a gallery for this site that works the way I want. In the meantime, click this link for a large image of the full¬†Portland Craft beer selection. This is the first time that the full beer list is published anywhere. There is no beer or wine list on their site yet.